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[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Poston, Arizona, May 3, 1943]

Tsumagari, Fusa [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Poston, Arizona, May 3, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., May 3, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Fusa Tsumagari to Clara Breed.

323-11-D / Poston, Ariz. / May 3, 1943 / Dear Miss Breed, / According to Tets, you have been trying to come to Poston, and have been having to go through a lot of red tape. If that is true, I'd like to help you get here without so much bother. I understand that if we put in an application for you, you can come in any time. If you would let me know the date you would like to come, I could try to arrange it for you. You haven't given up trying to come have you? One thing you should prepare for, in the event that you come, is the HEAT! We've been hitting over 100 in the house for the last two weeks. It certainly makes one rush around early in the morning, and then "take it easy" all afternoon. It's almost impossible to do anything but sleep in the afternoon. / I have been trying to get some things through various catalogues, but it seems as though the only way we can get certain items is to go shopping on the spot. I wonder if you could get two things for us. One is an umbrella for me. Any dark shade will do, my first choice is blue print, my second brown. I believe they cost about $2.00. The other is a gallon thermos jug, costing about $2.50. I would prefer it to have a spigot or faucet, but if there aren't any, any kind will do. Enclosed is $5 which should cover the cost. We hope it isn't too much trouble for you, but as it is impossible for us to go right into town, we certainly would appreciate your getting them for us. / My sister has gone out to Minneapolis to work, with her husband. He is doing farm work and she is taking care of some twins. They don't like the work too well, but are going to stick it out for a while until something better turns up. / Tomorrow more of my friends are leaving for Chicago for work of some kind. This leaves me with an empty feeling of wanting to go outside, yet without a definite place to go. It's really tough on people my age who have just gotten out of high school without any specific training. We want to go out and work, but we haven't had enough training or experience and feel rather unsure of ourselves. However, I guess everyone feels this way when they grow up and have to face the world. Our problems are just like anyone else except for the fact that we have to get out of camp first of all. That's more and more red tape just to get out. Everyday we see ads for work outside. Lots of girls take domestic work just to get outside, then they plan to move into some other line of work. I, myself, don't like domestic work and have been told that it isn't the best line of work to go into, even as a starter. I can amble on and on on this subject but it won't get us anywhere so this is enough of my troubles. / You people must be having a terrible time with all this point system and rationing. We really don't have the slightest idea about it because it doesn't affect us directly. All of it is handled through various other channels. / Please give your mother and Miss McNary our best regards. Please tell Miss McNary that I mean to write to her, but my correspondence is so terrible that I'm just swamped with unanswered letters all the time. / Thanks ever so much for the trouble of getting those things for me. / Sincerely, / Fusa

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