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[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret and Florence Ishino, Poston, Arizona, July 25, 1943]

Ishino, Florence [ bio ]
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[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret and Florence Ishino, Poston, Arizona, July 25, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., July 25, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


2 letters and envelope from Margaret and Florence Ishino to Clara Breed.

July 25, 1943/Dear Miss Breed,/I was so glad to hear from you after such a long time! How are you?/Florence was so happy about the beautiful book you sent her that she showed it to all her friends. In her spare time she is always reading it and keeps and eye on Thomas so he will not take it. I began reading my book as soon as I got it and went on a three hour mystery hunt to find out the river secret. Imagine my surprise to find out that Andy was the lost child and that Miss Montgomery was a Federal Agent. This story reminded me of the Colorado River. There is an elderly man down at river who built himself a shack on the bank. Inside his little shack he has a bed, table and a few chairs, all which he made himself. He comes back to the "mainland" once a week to get his food. Whenever I go down to the river I see him and often wonder why he lives there with a family in camp. He seems to be a very cheerful man and is an excellent fisherman; cooks his fish deliciously./Poston is so warm that I think of Little Black Sambo when the tigers ran around the tree so fast that they made butter out of themselves. If this weather keeps up the Japanese in Poston will be butter. They say only horses sweat, but I'm "sweating" every day. It is a 120 in the shade at the present time./Thomas is still as mischievous as ever, but is learning new things. He will shake hands with anyone who asks him. Once you ask you will do it over and over. He will tell you his age by putting up one finger. He is just a little monkey and tries to copy us all the time. /The teachers here are going to Fort Apache, an Indian village near Phoenix. Three students are going along as "guinea pigs" I certainly wish I was going with them. To get out of Poston for even a month would be paradise. /How is Summer Vacation Club coming along?/Thank you again for the lovely books. May God Bless You richly./Postonly yours,/Margaret Ishino/P/S. I usually try to correct Florence's letter but this time I told her to write exactly what she thought. I merely spelled a few words for her. (The ones she asked.) M.I.

July 25, 1943/Dear Miss Breed, /Thank you for the Book. Thomas is going to be 18 months on the 27. I like the book you sent me. Thomas is a bad boy. I am going to Bible school. I learn new verses everyday. My sister taught me the Lords Prayer and John 3:16. My teacher read me Black Sambo. I like the stories in the Book. My Bible School teacher is going to Ohio tonight./Sencerely yours/Florence

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