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[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, December 18, 1943]

Tasaki, Katherine [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, December 18, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., December 18, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Katherine Tasaki to Clara Breed.

Dec. 18, 1943/Poston, Ariz./Saturday/Dear Miss Breed,/I was very glad to hear from you. Always am glad to hear news from "Old S.D."/I'm trying to catch up with my letters because I have plenty of time. Well, I have something else now to add to my collection of diseases. Flu./The first few days it was awful. It wouldn't of been so bad if it hadn't been for the fever./My last letter to you was so long ago that I can't remember if I thanked you for the book you sent me? I certinly hope I did, but if I haven't, I shall do so now./"It is the best book I have ever received, and out of all my 40, I am proud to say that "Spotlight for Danny" is my favorite."/How's that? Really, Miss Breed, that is one of the most lifelike stories I have ever read. And I have read many stories too!/Thank you ever so much for the dollar. It has helped us along a great deal. I hope that one of these days I can repay you for all you have done for us. Thank you again./I am glad that you liked my present. I agree with you that bugs are awful. I tried catching some, but it didn't work out. So now you needn't be in fear that I shall send you any./I doubt if we have skinks out here. There may be some though. There is a very long lizard that has been hanging around here for weeks. One time I was running around the corner of the house, and I almost stepped on him! I was too scared for a while to scream, and when I did get my voice back, he was gone./I can imagine how you felt at book week. It is certinly a coincidence, but Sherman School & Lincoln happen to be the very ones I went to! My, but I certinly do miss both of them. I have been on the Sherman School stage often. I think it is fun. The part that I enjoy most is the door at the back which lead into a classroom. And it happens to be the very room where my favorite teacher used to teach. Her name is Miss Jensen. She sent me a card once, when I was in Santa Anita, but that was the last I heard of her./One of the nicest teachers at Sherman - or so I heard - was to be my 4th grade teacher. My, but wasn't I glad. But, we had to move, so I didn't get to have her. But still, I got Miss George./ I hear that she got married. Miss George did, I mean. I didn't get to know the teachers at Lincoln very well, because we were way in the corner. I like Lincoln schools auditorium better than Sherman, because it is brighter, but I have never been on Lincoln's stage. The curtains arrangement looks better, though./I'm sorry I have to say I don't know "The Twelve Wild Ducks" or "The Little Mermaid." I don't know which is my favorite fairy story. I've read so many, that it would be hard to say./I'm glad you like the getas. We wear them to shower, to keep our feet from getting cut or anything. Sometimes we wear them as slippers. Almost every 9 out of 10 people in Poston has getas./ They are easily made, or so the men say. The women make the straps usually./ This winter is certinly strange. Every morning it is cloudy, and it lasts all through till night, so that we have to keep our lights on all day. Last winter wasn't at all like this. In the morning you feel as if you could wear 2 coats, and at noon you feel like taking off every thing./ If it's going to rain, I wish it would hurry up and get done with it!/Warmly yours,/ Katherine

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