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[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, August 1, 1943]

Tasaki, Katherine [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Katherine Tasaki, Poston, Arizona, August 1, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., August 1, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Katherine Tasaki to Clara Breed.

Aug 1, 1943/Poston, Ariz./Page One/Dear Miss Breed,/How can I ever thank you enough for the paper dolls? I was just too overjoyed when I saw the package. Please accept my appoliges for not sending the money, but I was in such haste that I forgot about it. My mother reminded me after I mailed your letter. I hope the money I am sending will pay you for all the trouble I have caused you./I am writing this letter in the middle of a sand storm. It came so sudden that every body was caught off gauard./Page two/It has looked like rain for a long time, so I wouldn't be surprised if it started pouring right now. It did rain last week though, and show night at that. It was Orchestra Wives, Everybody was there, so what a helter + skelter there was to get to cover!/The rain didn't last long, so we had the show./Last night I was very lucky. My mother was working, so I went to a wedding in her place. The bride was beautiful, as was her gown. It was the first wedding I ever witnessed in Poston, so to me,/Page three/it was very exciting. I was the only girl there. We were very lucky to get a ride to the church and back. /My mother was home from work in time for the reception, which was at our block, so she went. She brought me home a soda pop, two pieces of cake and a sand which. Besides that two straws./Tomorrow is the last day of summer school. I didn't know about it untill today. I had been sick with the heat rash, so I wasn't able to go. I just got well yesterday,/Page four/almost every body has them. They hurt and they itch. Whoever is free from them is certainly lucky./I guess I will close now, and thank you again for the paper dolls./Love,/Katherine/P.S./I am sending you a package containing some Poston souviners. If you don't mind, I am sending other peoles things as well, for the are too small to wrap and send./Page five/If you like bugs, do tell me in your next letter, so I can catch some for you. I'm afraid there won't be much life in them when they reach you. Please tell me the truth if you like them or not, because if you don't, I don't believe you'll want to see so much as a picture of a bug when you see the ones out here.

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