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[Postcard to Clara Breed from Tetsuzo (Ted) Hirasaki, Poston, Arizona, April 9, 1943]

Hirasaki, Tetsuzo [ bio ]

[Postcard to Clara Breed from Tetsuzo (Ted) Hirasaki, Poston, Arizona, April 9, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., April 9, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 postcard from Tetsuzo (Ted) Hirasaki to Clara Breed.

April 9, 1943/Dear Miss Breed, /Things have been happening rather fast these days, what with visiting Gila Reloc-camp, Phoenix, getting our physical examination (Army) here in Poston----then the possibility of seeing you again. Gosh my thoughts haven't been so coherent lately. And then here it is Friday when all along I had a rather hazy idea that it was still the early part of the week./I am glad the pins arrived safely. We have a post office branch right here in camp. /You ask about the time of week to visit. It depends, if it is to see people the weekend is best as almost everyone is home although quite a few people go to the river and to church Sunday. Church services are in morning and evening. Week days are best to see camp in operation. Especially our industry department. In many cases it is permissable to visit workers on duty so there is a chance to see persons who might be working when you arrive. If you come by auto it is possible to see almost everything in one day. Otherwise much walking to do./TED

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