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[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 17, 1944]

Tsumagari, Fusa [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Fusa Tsumagari, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 17, 1944]
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Minneapolis, Minn., July 17, 1944


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Fusa Tsumagari to Clara Breed.

July 17, 1944/Dear Miss Breed,/Thank you for your nice letter. Time flies by so fast and it's terribly hard to keep track of. Amazingly enough, I've been here now 2 1/2 months! What's been happening in that time, I just can't say./I can't recall what I told you about my trip so if I repeat myself you'll have to excuse me. We found my father in the best of health and in very good humor. All the men have become jolly and very carefree. The pictures we had of him while he was in Santa Fe showed him to be very wrinkled and old looking, but we were pleased to find him looking almost unchanged except possibly for a little less hair on his head. We told him that, and he replied that he took old-looking pictures so that we would be pleased with the real McCoy. He has something there! I purchased a trunk for a lady (formerly a SD gal) and she seemed very pleased with it. She informed me that the folks are fine and both are happy. I'm very pleased that both pop and mom are fine. Wish they could join us, but that's impossible for the duration, at any rate. Hope to visit them sometime, though. I really miss them./My brother is still in Milwaukee attending Marquette University. So far he hasn't been called, and we're hoping that he can get into Med School all right. He will be graduating in Nov., I believe. Which Med School he will enter is still undecided. He has become quite a student--medicine is his full life-goal and he eats, sleeps, studies and talks medicine. Even though he is my brother, I'm quite proud of him and respect him for what he is and hopes to be. I'm glad he has the ambition and will to be something better than just a workingman. He will have lots of hardships but he'll come up through all well, I know./My sister Fuji and brother-in-law Bill had a nice week's vacation in Cincinnati with some of their friends. Yours truly stayed with some girl friends, and then invited them over for a while. The week really passed fast. Both Bill and Foo came back refreshed mentally but physically exhausted from the hectic trainride. Their trip was quite hard on their pocketbook but well worth it as they had a wonderful time. Although we should not travel, I believe that it's OK for the sake of the morale as we're doing our part, though small, in the war effort./I was quite surprised and pleased to learn that Aiko Kubo is planning to go to Hameline University. About a month ago I had the pleasure of staying over the week-end with Ikuko Kuratomi (formerly S.D.) at Hewett's lodge. She is attending Hameline and studying to be a Medical Technician. We walked on the campus and she told me about it. It's very old, not too expensive, and has a nice college atmosphere. The school is small and students get to know each other as most of them live on the campus or nearby. /What a pleasant surprise to learn that Miss McNary is now Mrs. Gilliland! I can picture her as a wonderful housekeeper but it's hard to imagine her with more weight on her! Please express my congratulations to her!/How are you and the help situation now? Have you found a nice capable person to help you? Have you taken your vacation yet?/Oh yes, while at Ikuko's place I saw a magazine published at U.C. at Berkeley which had exerpts of letters to your sister from the young niseis who have relocated at various places and schools. Was pleased to find an excerpt from Ikuko's letters and also my brother's! I had to laugh, though at what my brother said--rather at the way he said what he did. He loves big words and used a whole string of 25 c. words just to say that people in Milwaukee had been very receptive and do not seem to even notice them. Did you see that particular issue? It's an old issue, but Ikuko had it./Am planning to take some pictures soon, and will be glad to send you one when I get it developed. May I have one of you? I'd really like to have one of you./It's now after 10 and time for this hard wo

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