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[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, September 17, 1942]

Ogawa, Louise [ bio ]

[Letter to Helen McNary from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, September 17, 1942]
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H: 10 in, W: 8 in (sheet); H: 3.5 in, W: 6.375 in (envelope)

Poston, Ariz., September 17, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Louise Ogawa to Helen McNary.

Sept. 17, 1942/Dear Miss McNary,/I received your letter dated August 31st today. I certainly was glad to hear from you! It stayed in Santa Anita for about 2 weeks. I imagine you were wondering when I was going to answer your letter. It certainly took a long time for them to forward it to me, but I imagine they were quite busy./You probably have heard all about Poston, Arizona from Miss Breed. We are living in the No. 3 Camp. If not I shall be more than happy to inform you of my new home./Miss McNary, I wish I could take a natural colored picture of myself to show you that it's pretty hard ot compete in the sun-tanning contest with me. But unfortunately we are not allowed to have cameras. But we are allowed to carry flashlights. Miss McNary, I would just love to have a picture of you!!!/I am glad to hear you had a nice vacation. I was with you in spirit at the beach. Sorry you were not able to come and see us during your stay in Los Angeles. My stay there would have been perfect if you came to see us./I am working as a waitress at the present time. I am going to school when it opens October 5th. I am most happy to know that I'll be able to finish high school. My teachers are coming from California to teach us. It certainly would be nice if some of my former teachers came!/The Government gave us a clothing allowance for the months we were in Santa Anita. I was allowed $13.00 for the 4 months. We were given a list of items from which we could order through the Sears catalog. Thinking we were going to a cold place, everyone ordered winter clothes--wool slacks, heavy sweaters, wool skirts, heavy shirts etc. If we were informed as to where we were going we would have ordered things to suit the climate of Poston. Unfortunately we were not. As yet we have not received our clothing./Poston is a wonderful place--way out in the open spaces. It would be paradise if it were not for the dust, heat and the insects./It was very interesting to read about San Diego. I could imagine what a change the dim out has made./There seems to be a urgent call for farmers all over the United States. Many of the San Diego boys are going out of this camp to Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Idaho to help with the farm work--picking cotton, tomato, beets etc. I heard they are to return here in a few months for there is no work in those states during the winter time. But while there if they find work outside, they can call their family over there and stay permanently. Of course, then no Govt. help will be provided for they are on their own. My girl friend is in Colorado and she informed me that because of the labor shortage the schools are open just half a day. All the school children help out in the fields the rest of the day./Have you had a blackout recently? I certainly miss them! During our first blackout in San Diego we had so much excitement at home--bumping into doors, tables, chairs; trying to dress in the dark; father taking a bath in the dark etc. Here there is no curfew or blackouts. I guess it is far enough inland to it isn't necessary to have any./There rings the dinner bell!! My tummy has been growling for hours so I'd better run!!/Please write soon and keep trying--maybe you'll win over me in that blackout competition yet! Hope you'll always be in the best of health./Most sincerely,/Louise Ogawa/My address is: /Block 330/Bldg. 12 Apt. B/Poston, Arizona/Ps. I thought your stationary was darling!! Everyone gave such nice comments on it. The green ink went so well with the stationary.

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