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14. Kajiwara genta ujigawa senjin : enbu shi Kobayashi, mai Hanabusa

Hoshida, George [ bio ]

14. Kajiwara genta ujigawa senjin : enbu shi Kobayashi, mai Hanabusa
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H: 9.5 in, W: 6 in

United States, October 3,1943


Gift of June Hoshida Honma, Sandra Hoshida and Carole Hoshida Kanada


4 drawings on paper, laminated (1 sheet) : ink ; top image +3.125 x 6 in., middle left image 2.5 x 3.5 in., middle right image 2.5 x 3.5 in., bottom image 3.785 x 6 in., on sheet 9.5 x 6 in.

Ink drawings of performances in a talent show, including a dance and recitation of a poem, playing of a Japanese flute, chanting of a scene of Oishi, and a performance of a tragic romance described in Japanese inscriptions on October 4, 1943.
Top drawing of a man in two different poses on left and right of Japanese text, performing "Kajiwara genta, ujigawa senjin", a scene from the Heike Monogatari. Dressed in full Japanese soldier armor with sword on proper left hip, Hanabusa stands with arms outstreched while holding a spear in proper left hand on left. In different pose on right, he kneels on proper left knee and hand on sword. Kobayashi recites the poem.
Middle left drawing of shakuhachi performance of the song "Momo no hana" by a man in glasses, Okamoto. Dressed in white shirt and dark pants, Okatamoto stands in front of a music stand.
Middle right drawing of a man, Sato of Hawaii, dressed in a dark kimono standing behind a table while chanting a scene from "Oishi" saying farewell to family. Sato has a mustache and wears glasses as he rests his hands on the tablecloth that has a pineapple design and Japanese text that indicates it is #5 army block (Daigo chutai) and was donated by Sato Kimie.
Bottom drawing of a scene from Hototogisu, a romance, where a man in uniform stands on left looking at a female figure with covered hair on right ; landscape of road and mountains in background. Sakuraida and Mitsunaga perform.

Written in black ink top right corner: 10-3-43. Written in black ink on top image, center vertically (In Japanese): Kajiwara Genta, Ujigawa no senjin / Enbu shi Kobayashi / mai Hanabusa Written in black ink on middle left image, right: Shakuhachi "Momo no hana" Okamoto. Written in pencil on middle right image: 16. Written in black ink on middle right image: Rokyoku, "Saishi wakare no toki," peformed by Mr. Sato / Hawaii. Written in pencil on bottom image: 17 " Kigeki, "Hototogisu" played by Sakurada. Written in pencil, bottom left corner: 11.

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