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「第二次世界大戦中の日系アメリカ人の体験」入門 (Intro to the WWII Japanese American Experience) [AUDIO]

Emily Anderson, Assistant Professor of History, Washington State University

Masumi Izumi, Professor, Doshisha University
Yasuko Iwai Takezawa, Ph.D., Professor, Kyoto University
Akihiro Yamakura, Professor, Tenri University

Topic: 日本語のセッション (Sessions in Japanese)
Date: Saturday, July 6, 2013
Time: 9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Location: Aspen

このパネルでは、第二次世界大戦中の日系アメリカ人の体験を、カナダとの比較を交えて、歴史的概説を行う。具体的には、アメリカおよ びカナダの人種、エスニシティ、市民権についての概念や諸問題を考え、戦前の日本人排斥運動、「市民としての自由」の問題、強制立ち退き・収容、再定住、 戦後のリドレス運動等を扱う。

This panel provides an introductory historical overview of the Japanese American experience in World War II. The discussion includes some comparison with the experience of Nikkei in Canada, including concepts and issues surrounding race, ethnicity, and citizenship in the United States and Canada; terminology; prewar anti-Japanese exclusion movements; civil liberty issues; removal; camp and resettlement experiences; and postwar redress.

This session is supported in part by grants from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and the UCLA Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies.

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