About ID Film Fest

A new festival presented by the Japanese American National Museum dedicated to contemporary digital films that explore and celebrate identity crisis in our diverse Asian/Pacific Islander community.

Messages from the Programmers

What Ridley Scott has imagined in Blade Runner is already a reality. Los Angeles is a postmodern collage of cultures and identity. Even within the broader umbrella of the “Asian American” community, there are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian Americans. Further diversifying the community are the divisions between first generation immigrants and those who were born here. A crisis of identity is inevitable and necessary even though we fantasize a more utopian unity. ID Film Fest is proud to present contemporary digital films that examine, explore or celebrate the identity crisis in our diverse global Asian community.

— Quentin Lee, Co-programmer

What am I? Am I Japanese American? Am I Asian American? Am I American? Or should I just call myself human? At different times I'm different things. It depends mostly on who I’m talking to and where I am. Everyone’s struggle with identity is totally unique but at the same time there are commonalities. The ID Film Festival is meant to explore those similarities and differences and through both, my hope is that everyone will be able to answer the basic question: “What are you?”

— Koji Steven Sakai, Co-programmer