Saturday, September 27, 2008 • 7:30PM

GONE SHOPPING | Los Angeles Premiere

Singapore, 2007, Color, HD, 97 minutes
Director: Li lin Wee
Writer: Li lin Wee
Producer: Li lin Wee, Fuzzy Abideen, Dawn Kwok Wai Ying
Cast: Kym Ng, Aaron Kao, Sonya Nair, Adrian Pang, Charmaine Ang

In Asia, shopping malls have unabashedly become sites where communities and identities are formed. A shopping mall is the setting for Gone Shopping, a satirical Singaporean drama that centers on a 40-year-old wealthy Chinese housewife who faces a midlife crisis and runs away to the only place on earth that makes sense to her. Her journey crosses path with an eight-year-old Indian latchkey kid who has been abandoned by her parents in the 24-hour mall and Aaron, a 23-year-old young man who embodies the angstful generation of young Singaporean intelligentsia. Stunningly shot in high definition, Gone Shopping reveals the heart of a multi-cultural first world Asian nation who faces a fascinating identity crisis both poignant and capitalistic.

Gone Shopping is preceeded by Ann Kaneko’s comical and experimental sci-fi short Outer Limits Redux where she literally retells an Outer Limits episode by splicing in original footage that she shot. Outer Limits Redux is the ultimate deconstruction short about identity crisis in Los Angeles.