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Hirasaki National Resource Center (HNRC)
The National Museum has an unparalleled permanent collection of more than 60,000 artifacts related to the Japanese American experience. In 1999, the HNRC was established to provide access to its collection through books, videos, DVDs, periodicals, WRA database, and electronic card catalog. The microfilm collection consists of the WRA Final Accountibility Roster, camp newspapers like the Manzanar Free Press, immigration records from San Francisco and Seattle ports, vernacular newspapers like The Rafu Shimpo, Kashu Mainichi, Hokubei Mainichi, and Nichi Bei Times, as well as the Japanese American Citizen League’s periodical Pacific Citizen. Binders of alphabetical immigrant names that traveled from Japan to the United States through the ports of San Francisco, Seattle, Oregon, Hawaii and San Pedro are also available.

Redress Movement Selected Bibliography
Bibliography prepared by the Hirasaki National Resource Center for the 20th Anniversary of H.R. 442-Civil Liberties Act of 1988. In addition to books on Japanese American redress, it includes additional resources in these categories: Japanese Canadian redress, Alaska’s Aleuts redress, railroad workers’ redress, Japanese Peruvian redress, videos, young readers’ books, and Japanese language books.

Norman Y. Mineta Papers
The Hirasaki National Resource Center makes available an online finding aid to provide an overview and information about this important National Museum collection.

REgenerations Oral History Project: Rebuilding Japanese American Families, Communities, and Civil Rights in the Resettlement Era
Transcripts from life history interviews dealing with the post-World War II period include some mention of the redress movement.
Chicago Los Angeles San Diego San Jose

Japanese American Redress Trivia Quiz

Answer five multiple-choice questions related to the redress movement online by April 20, 2008 for a chance to win a special prize package! Don’t know much about the topic? Click on the link above to read the accompanying article and learn all you need to know. Resources is an award-winning Web project of the Japanese American National Museum that provides an interactive global space for Nikkei-related community and personal stories through a variety of mediums including video interviews, articles, and photographs.

Real People Video Archives
Video clips from life history interviews related to the redress movement. More will be added over time.

Lorraine Bannai

Sue Embrey

Aiko Yoshinaga Herzig

Jack Herzig

Gordon Hirabayashi

Bill Hosokawa

Peter Irons

Cherry Kinoshita

Fred Korematsu

William Marutani

Dale Minami

Henry Miyatake

Bert Nakano

Art Shibayama

Chiye Tomihiro

Clifford Uyeda


“Memories Too Painful to Remember; Lessons Too Important to Forget” by Mitchell T. Maki, PhD
A look at how Redress impacted one individual.

“Japanese American Redress: A View from the Midwest” by William Yoshino
Join in an online discussion about this article contributed by the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society.

“Sharing Redress Stories” by Sharon Yamato
Inspired by this year’s Day of Remembrance program at the National Museum, Sharon Yamato shares her own family’s redress story.

“アメリカに正義を—NCJARの「討ち入り」” by 郷 崇倫
Takamichi Go writes about the National Council for Japanese American Redress (NCJAR). Available in Japanese only.

“Japanese American Women and Activism within the JA Community: Redress, Reparations, and Gender” by Candice Shikai
Student paper that looks at the stories and experiences of Tsuyako "Sox" Kitashima, Aiko Yoshinaga Herzig, Cherry Kinoshita, and Lorraine Bannai, who were key contributors to the Redress campaign.

“A Yonsei’s Reflections...on How I Was Transported by Redress” by Vicky K. Murakami-Tsuda
A look at how Redress impacted one individual.


Nikkei Resources

Redress Movement in the United States
General information and links to additional online resources.



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