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2000 Fellow

Charles LaBelle’s art practice mines the multiple meanings of space and place. Over the last two decades, LaBelle has worked restlessly in a variety of media, including photography, video, drawing and sculpture as well as action-based and site-specific works. In Every Building Entered is ostensibly a quantitative accounting of the first time the artist passes over the threshold into a built structure. However, the photographic database exists elsewhere, while detailed drawings (or “reentries” in the artist’s conception) trace the body’s encounter of coming into contact with architecture. A similar bracing confrontation is rendered in the photographs that make up the Illuminated Trees series as these natural growths seems to quiver in the glare of LaBelle’s spotlight.

LaBelle currently divides his time between New York, where he is an instructor in the graduate program in photography at Parsons School of Design, and Hong Kong, where he recently co-founded The Hong Kong Office of Art and Culture.