Artists » Daniel Joseph Martinez

1997 Fellow

In a recent interview, Daniel Joseph Martinez spoke about creating the context for a “viral condition” in which all humanity may be more receptive to mutation, risk and transformation. Martinez’s theoretically-charged art practice attempts this transformation in the viewer through such improbable media as animatronic sculptures, special effects make-up and altered museum tags. In If Only God Had Invented Coca Cola Sooner! or The Death of My Pet Monkey he inserts his cutting “phrases” onto silk-screened posters. The texts are drawn from popular songs, slogans, hearsay, philosophical tracts and the artist’s own notebooks and emanate (to paraphrase William Burroughs) “language as a virus.”

Martinez lives and works in South Los Angeles. In 2006, he officially represented the United States in the American Pavilion at the Cairo Biennial. He participated in the groundbreaking 1993 Whitney Biennial and the 2008 Whitney Biennial, the 2004 San Juan Triennial, the 2005 Lima Biennial and the 2007 Moscow Biennial.