Artists » Dominique Moody

2001 Fellow

Dominique Moody is a collage artist who uses the detritus from the city around her as her materials. In the tradition of assemblage makers such as Betye Saar, Moody creates compositions that tell personal or otherwise unrecorded stories of her community. In Sweat Equity, using found and family photos, maps, newspaper clippings and a collections of scavenged materials, Moody explores the idea of home, neighborhood and the often-thwarted dreams of homeownership. Portrait of a Sage adorns a found “image” of a wise elder with talismanic objects that attain almost mystical qualities.

Moody has studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, the Pratt Institute and UC Berkeley. She lives and works at St. Elmo Village, an arts-based community center in mid-city Los Angeles.