Artists » Harry Gamboa Jr.

1990 Fellow

Through words and visions Harry Gamboa Jr. portrays the urban and apocalyptic from a Chicano perspective. From the early 1970s through the late 1980s, Gamboa was involved with the East Los Angeles conceptual-performance group Asco (Spanish for nausea). The two videos, Cloud’s Descent and L.A. Familia, feature many family, friends and acquaintances in situations and conversations devised by Gamboa. The scenes are micro-narratives of intense, psychological states spilling out onto the asphalt of Los Angeles.

Gamboa’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally: Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Huntington Library, San Marino; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico City; Smithsonian Institution; and 1995 Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art. Gamboa currently teaches at CalArts and Cal State Northridge.