Artists » William Leavitt

1993 Fellow

William Leavitt’s explorations with narrative emerged from his sound installation experimentations in the 1970s. Leavitt wrote and produced his first theater piece, The Silk, in 1975. Around 1988, he began working with Joseph Hammer and Rick Potts on experimental music projects. They collaborated on the music for Random Trees, a play presented at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in 1990. Other theatrical works with productions or staged readings are Spectral Analysis, Three Sofas, and Nestor takes Advice.

Leavitt describes his ensuing dramatic works as dealing with “theatrical form in an angular manner.” Concomitantly, Leavitt’s prints and paintings recall theatrical tableaux and play with the abstract designs of postwar California industry and design. Leavitt will be the subject of an upcoming survey at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.