Make a Spinning Drum

You’ll need:
  • Cardboard ring (like what’s at the center of a roll of packing tape)
  • 6" long stick (a chopstick or dowel)
  • 2 beads
  • String
  • Markets, paint, stickers
  • Clear packing tape
  • Glue

1. Find a cardboard ring from the center of a roll of packing tape or have an adult make you one by cutting a cardboard tube into rings.

2. Have an adult make 2 small holes across from each other in the center of the ring’s walls using a nail or awl.
See arrows for where to make the holes.

3. Decorate the outside and inside of the cardboard ring using markers, paint, or stickers.

4. Thread a piece of string through the 2 holes. Make sure that the string is long enough on either side of the ring that you can wrap the string around to the front of the ring and the ends will meet.

5. Tie knots in the string on either side of the cardboard ring.

6. Tie a bead to each end of the string.

7. Cover the open face and open back of the cardboard ring with clear packing tape. Be sure to stretch the tape tight for the best sound.

8. Glue the stick to the bottom of the cardboard ring. Let dry.

9. Now twirl your drum by holding the stick between your palms and rubbing your hands back and forth. The beads at the end of the string will spin and hit the packing tape at the front and back of your drum to make a sound!