Big Rhythms, Big Drums: Big Drum School Program

Photographs by Lee Talner. Courtesy of TAIKOPROJECT.

Taiko, literally “big drum” in Japanese, is a musical phenomenon that combines powerful drumming with dynamic movement. In conjunction with the Big Drum: Taiko in the United States exhibition, the school program provides students with an introduction to taiko in this one-hour interactive performance.  Students not only learn about the history of taiko in America, the different instruments used in taiko, and basic drumming techniques, they also take part in the performance when they are handed the bachi sticks to strike the drums for themselves. The performers literally take students on the same journey that the "Big Drum" has taken here in the United States.

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Recommended Age: K-12th grade

Program Length: 1 hour
Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

August 2 through December 15, 2005

60-student limit per session


To make a reservation, call 213.830.5601 or e-mail Free admission and free transportation may be available for your school group. Please inquire when calling for a reservation.