Photo Gallery

Historical and contemporary photographs that reflect the history and development of taiko in the United States. Plus, we've added bonus photo galleries - Taiko Drummaking and photographs from various exhibition-related public programs and events.

Early Groups
The first three American taiko groups were formed in the state of California. (Photo: Seiichi Tanaka and Nosuke Akiyama of San Francisco Taiko Dojo, San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, 1979. Courtesy of San Francisco Taiko Dojo)


Expansion of Taiko
The 1990s was an incredible time of growth for taiko in the Americas. (Photo: Six taiko groups at the Molokai Obon, 1999. Photo courtesy of Hawaii Matsuri Taiko)


Contemporary Landscape
Taiko today has evolved into a truly multicultural art form with diverse influences and audiences. (Photo: Zenshuji Zendeko. Los Angeles, 2004. Photo by Richard Murakami, courtesy of Zenshuji Zendeko.)


Taiko Drummaking
Over time, and with a do-it-yourself determination, American and Canadian taiko players have developed affordable and ingenious methods for building their own drums, a process that continues to distinguish them from Japanese groups, who do not make their own taiko. The following images document the drum-making process through the experiences of many different taiko groups.


Big Drum Public Program Photos
Photographs from the Big Drum: Taiko in the United States exhibition opening and other exhibition-related public programs.


Program Photos: Taiko @ Noon
Photographs from the "Taiko @ Noon" program series.


Program Photos: 1st and Central Summer Concert Series
Photographs from the "1st and Central Summer Concerts" series.


Program Photos: Courtyard Kids Festival
Photographs from the 7th Annual Courtyard Kids Family Festival -- Ribbits & Rhythms: Kaeru's House of Hop on August 13, 2005.