Seiichi Tanaka, Cherry Blossom Festival, San Francisco, 1969. San Francisco Taiko Dojo, the first kumi daiko group in the United States, was founded by Seiichi Tanaka in 1968. Gift of San Francisco Taiko Dojo (2005.97.2).


San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Nisei Week Parade, Los Angeles, 1971. Photograph by Gary Ono. Gift of San Francisco Taiko Dojo (2005.97.1).


Seiichi Tanaka and Nosuke Akiyama. San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, 1979. Photo courtesy of San Francisco Taiko Dojo.


George Abe, Kinnara Taiko. Los Angeles, ca. 1976. Photo courtesy of Kinnara Taiko, Senshin Buddhist Temple.


Kinnara Taiko, Senshin Buddhist Temple, Los Angeles, 1978. Kinnara Taiko was founded by Reverend Masao Kodani and George Abe at Senshin Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles. Gift of Kinnara Taiko (2005.94.1)


San Jose Taiko, 1977. Photograph by Jim Nagareda. San Jose Taiko was founded by Reverend Hiroshi Abiko, Dean Miyakusu, and Roy Hirabayashi at the San Jose Buddhist Temple. Collection of Jim Nagareda.


Morgan Taiko, Los Angeles, 1976. Stanley Morgan was probably the first non-Japanese American to establish a taiko group. Gift of Stanley Morgan.


Denver Taiko, 1977. Denver Taiko, the first group to be formed outside of California, was founded at the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple. Collection of Joyce Nakata-Kim.


Etsuo Hongo of Los Angeles Matsuri Taiko, Los Angeles, ca. 1978. Los Angeles Matsuri Taiko was founded by Etsuo Hongo in 1977. Collection of Etsuo Hongo.


Soh Daiko, New York City, 1983. Photograph by George Pereda. Soh Daiko, the first group formed on the East Coast, was founded at the New York Buddhist Temple in 1979. Gift of Alan and Merle Okada (2005.54.4).


Mark Miyoshi, Mt. Shasta, 1982. Mark Miyoshi became the first professional taiko maker in the United States after he moves to Mt. Shasta, California, from Denver, Colorado. Collection of Jeanne Mercer and Russel Baba.


Midwest Buddhist Temple Taiko Group, Ginza Holiday Festival, Chicago, 1987. The Midwest Buddhist Temple Taiko group, the first to be formed in the region, was founded in 1977 at the Midwest Buddhist Temple in Chicago, Illinois. Collection of Reverend Ron and Elaine Miyamura.