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Below are links to some taiko-related web sites. For individual taiko group sites, please visit the Discover Nikkei Taiko Database.

Rolling Thunder Taiko Resource -
Taiko Conference -
Kodo Arts Sphere America (KASA) - -

Project Consultants:
San Jose Taiko -
San Francisco Taiko Dojo -
Seattle Kokon Taiko -
Taiko Center of the Pacific/Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble -
Soh Daiko -

Taiko Makers & Suppliers:
Miyoshi Daiko -
Kato Taiko -
Taiko with Toni –
REMO, Inc –
Asano Taiko, Co., Ltd.- (Japanese)
Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, Co., Ltd. -

Taiko in Popular Culture:
Mitsubishi commercial -
NAMCO "Taiko: Drum Master" Game -
redoctane taiko drum controller -