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Gift of Ms. Elizabeth Y. Yamada, Japanese American National Museum (93.75.31S)

January 14th
Sunday eve --
Dear Miss Breed,
Thank you ever so much for your lovely card and hankie. I don't know how to apologize for not sending you a Christmas card or greetings. I left most of my Christmas shopping to the last minute and then three days before Christmas that nasty cold caught up with me and put me into bed. That is my sad story. However, there was a bright side to Christmas -- my brother came from Milwaukee to visit us.
We're all very proud of him, and we're certainly glad to see him. He has now graduated from Marquette, and at the present time is trying his hardest to get into Med School there. He was indeed lucky to be asked to join an honorary Biology fraternity -- I've forgotten the name. It seems that Niseis are not accepted at Marquette Med School, but my brother feels that he may be able to break the ice. At least he is trying -- we will know in about three or four weeks definitely whether or not he will be accepted.
I should like to tell you some very pleasant news -- my sister and Bill are going to have a blessed event some time in May or June. We're all very happy in anticipation -- but I think Bill is most excited. My mother is planning to come out in May, which we are eagerly anticipating. Incidentally, my father wrote that at the Canteen raffle in Crystal City my mother won a suitcase and is planning to come up with it. It makes a very good prize, doesn't it? The way my father wrote it was so cute it makes me laugh just thinking about it.
Last Friday night my girl friend gave me one of these so called home permanents. All her previous ones were successful -- but mine was an utter flop! When we rinsed it -- it was absolutely straight! It makes me laugh just to think about it! I'll have to make an appointment at some beauty shop and get a genuine one. This will cost me more money in the long run!
The news of being able to go back to California has been accepted with mingled feeling. First of all we're more than glad that the ban has been lifted, as it rightfully should be. Those with property are wanting to go back, but wondering how the sentiment will be. Of course we know that good friends like you would be glad to have us back but others who do not know us or understand us may not be as glad to see us. As for us who are not so fortunate to have property in California -- we're content to stay here for a while or maybe the rest of our life, but we'll make a point of seeing and visiting California later. My first ambition upon getting back to San Diego is to see you.
Well, this will be all for now. But may I wish you a Happy New Year and hope you'll write when you have time.

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