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Gift of Ms. Elizabeth Y. Yamada, Japanese American National Museum (93.75.31U)

Santa Anita Assembly Center
Avenue 3 Barrack 81 Unit 3
District 6
Arcadia, California
May 28, 1942
Dear Miss Breed,
I received your letter this morning -- and to tell the truth, was rather disappointed. I had arranged to have you come, and received an O.K., but hadn't informed you an time, so I guess it's my fault. I've had the pass cancelled.
How would it be if we arranged to meet two Sundays from now -- June 14, 1942? I realize that it's rather far off -- but then there's safety in numbers. Please write to me in the meantime and let me know.
The application specifies how many of us can see you, the date, and reason. The reason given is generally business because the only other reason is blood relative.
I wonder if you come up on the 14th you wouldn't be too inconvenienced by getting me a few things. I have enclosed a money order for the sum of $5.00. If you cannot bring them would you please send them. If you come, please bring them because that is the best excuse I have for seeing you -- I hope you know what I mean. I would like the following items:
2 balls (white) for crocheting (I have enclosed a piece of it as sample)
cost about 25¢ each. Total: .50
2 yds red and white striped seersucker
about 40¢ yd .80
1 1/4 yds batiste (or some thin material similar to that)
about 35¢ yd about .45
2 hairnet about 10¢ each .20
made of rayon or cotton (black)
2 yds embroidered organdy gallon
about 2" wide. (anything that looks good as part of a peasant blouse)
about 15¢ yd. .30
1 1/2 yd blue and white striped cotton material abt 35¢ yd .70
1 doz. hair curlers abt 5¢ each .60
1/2 doz. cotton sox abt 15¢ each .90
Total approx. 4.45
I certainly would appreciate it if you would bring them up on the 14th when (if) you come. We don't need them in too much of a hurry, and they would serve as a good excuse to see you.
Yours truly,
Fusa Tsumagari

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