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Gift of Ms. Elizabeth Y. Yamada, Japanese American National Museum (93.75.31V)

July 15, 1942
Dear Miss Breed,
Thank you a million times for the delicious candy, soap, and the most interesting book! I was most interested in the book because I have read, Peggy Covers Washington, London, and Peggy Covers News. I enjoy Emma Bughee's books very much. The books which you so kindly have sent are now scattered all over this camp and I won't at all be surprised if one of them has entered Seabiscuit's stable.
I shall never forget that day you visited us. At the sight of your smiling face a big lump formed at the pit of my throat never dreaming I would see you again. I was very glad to see you in the best of health.
The distribution of our second checks began today. It was, of course, my first check. I felt so proud to receive it because I really earned it all by myself. It makes me feel so independent. We receive about 37¢ a day. For 11 days work I received $3.04. I am going to take advantage of your generosity and ask you to go on a little shopping tour for me in your leisure time. Will you please send me the following:
1) 2 yards of printed seersucker (something that would look nice when made into a drindle. I already have 2 striped ones -- green & white, red & white -- so please do not send striped one.)
cost = not over 50¢ a yard.
2) 1 1/2 yd. of plain white seersucker. (about same price has printed one)
10) Boys 2 Cropper-Jockey shorts -- size: 28 waist, store: Walkers
3) 1/2 yd. of muslin (going to use it for stiffening)
11) 1 small face towel (cheap one is all right) .05
4) 1 card of snaps
5) 5 Hollywood curlers
6) 2 shower caps
7) 1 bottle of brown liquid shoe polish -- 10¢
8) 1 bottle of Strip royal blue ink 15¢
9) 1 mirror sold at Kress for 15¢
I have enclosed $4.50 in money order. I hope this amount will be sufficient -- if not please let me know. I hope I'm not causing you too much trouble.
I want so much to repay you for all the nice books, candy, and soap but do not know how I can. In my spare-time, I made this bookmarker. It is made very crudely but I hope you will be able to use it.
Please give my best to Miss McNary.
Yours very sincerely,
Louise Ogawa
PS. If there seems to be some money left after deducting the shipping expense I would like to have some Butter scotch balls or Fruit balls or drops.
Thank you again.

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