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Clara Breed
Departure for Camp
Life in Camp
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I am grateful to Alan Wong, Technical Consultant; Glen Kitayama, Curator; Debbie R. Henderson, Archivist/Hirasaki National Resource Center Coordinator; Cameron Trowbridge, Librarian/Digital Programs Developer; and Karen Yonemoto, Life History Coordinator, who gave me endless support and encouragement during the Web development process. Thanks to the physical exhibition team: Glen Kitayama, Curator; Suzanne Tan, Project Manager; and Clement Hanami, Production Manager; and those who helped setting up the exhibit including, Carole Campbell, Assistant Registar; Karin Higa, Curator; Karen L. Ishizuka, Producer, Something Strong Within; Flora Ito, Education Coordinator; Sara Iwahashi, Publications Manager; Grace Murakami, Collections Manager; Robert A. Nakamura, Director/Editor, Something Strong Within; Norman Sugimoto, Photographer, Diane Ohkawahira, Executive Administrator; Mika Tanner, Communications & Public Relations Manager; Babe Karasawa, Collections Volunteer; and Robert Uragami, Production Volunteer.

Photo Credits

Nancy Moriguchi Araki Collection, Carlyn Anne Busse Collection, George T. and Jean M. Oishi Esaki Collection, George and Grace Izumi Collection, Kimie Nagai Collection, Jack and Peggy Iwata Collection, Japanese American National Museum.

Oral History Credits

Oral History interview exerpt from film, "Brighter Side of Dark: Toyo Miyatake, 1895-1979".
Film produced and written by Karen Ishizuka
Film directed by Robert Nakamura
Transcribed and edited by Karen Yonemoto

Exhibition Donors & Lenders:

Robert Y. Hasuike, Margaret Ishino, Martha M. Morooka, W. K. Morita Family, The Rafu Shimpo, Louise Y. Watanabe, Elizabeth Y. Yamada, Rinko Matsumoto Yoshioka.

Letter Writers:

Fusa Tsumagari Higashioka, Tetsuzo Hirasaki, and Louise Ogawa Watanabe.

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