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Returning Home...

Karen Ishizuka:
Did you move back to your old house?

Archie Miyatake:
Yes. My father bought a home in 1939. When the war broke out he rented it to a doctor at White Memorial Hospital. His name was Karl Lancing. He rented the place with refrigerator, dishes, and everything just as is...[After the war] he let us live in the garage and in one room in the back of the house.

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So part of the family lived in the house and part of the family lived in the garage for awhile...The whole family moved in--plus about 20 other people. It was a real crowded place--but it was a happy place though. We all ate in shifts. We couldn't all eat together so we took turns in eating meals there.

Karen Ishizuka:
So your father just opened up your house?

Archie Miyatake:
Yes, uh huh. Whenever somebody was looking for a place and couldn't find one, he would just invite them to the house and stay there as long it takes to find another place...Some of them still talk about it. "Those days were so hectic, but it was sure fun, huh?" they would say. They have a lot of nice memories about it. My father and mother felt good that they were able to help because they received a lot of help from other people. They were willing to help others because they really appreciated what people had done for them.

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