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Collaborating organizations:

Japanese American
National Museum

California African
American Museum

Chinese American

Self-Help Graphics

Korean American

Plaza de la Raza

Watts Towers
Arts Center

Santa Barbara Museum
of Natural History

Skirball Museum

Participating Artists

Sandra de la Loza
Teresa Hagiya
Patrick "Pato" Hebert
Betty Lee
Michael Massenburg
Dominique Moody
José B. Ramírez
Steven Yao-Chee Wong

California African American Museum

David Crippens, Interim Executive Director
Mar Hollingsworth, Museum Curator

Ginger Campbell, Public Relations Consultant
Eduardo Carrasquillo, Exhibition Supervisor
Evelyn Carter, Curator of Education
Drew Talley, Registrar of Collections

The State Board of the California African American Museum

Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum

Dr. Caesar Churchwell, Trudy Hatter, Thelma Houston, Dianne Dash Island, Donzella Jordan, Charmayne Mills, Quentin D. Strode

Chinese American Museum

Suellen Cheng, Executive Director
Sonia Mak, Assistant Curator

Linh Duong, Public Relations Associate
Elmo Gambarana, CAM Secretary
Gloria Giangiuli, El Pueblo Visitor Center
Jing-Chiou Liou, Outreach Coordinator
Betty Liu, Administrative Assistant
Terry R. Loo, CAM President
Jean Bruce Poole, Consultant (former CAM Executive Director)
Julie Sandoval, El Pueblo History Division Secretary
Geneva Tien-Witzleben, Museum Educator
Jan Wang, Administrative Director

Japanese American National Museum

Irene Y. Hirano, Executive Director & President
Claudia Sobral, Project Director
Kristine Kim, Project Associate
Julie Asato, Project Coordinator
John Esaki, Director, Frank H. Watase Media Arts Center
Clement Hanami, Exhibition Manager
Allison Kido, Marketing Coordinator
Jeanne Klein, External Relations Assistant
Chris Komai, Public Information Manager
Maria Kwong, Director, Retail and Visitor Services
Theresa Manalo, Collections Manager
Eileen Takeichi, Facilities Marketing Coordinator

Akira Boch, Media Arts Specialist
Mike Estano, Gallery Educator
Cheryl Ikemiya, Director, Development
Toshiko McCallum, Reference Librarian
Masaki Miyagawa, Media Arts Specialist
Christine Moon, Education Assistant
Cayleen Nakamura, Director, Events
Allyson Nakamoto, School Tour and Teacher Program Manager
Azusa Oda, Graphic Designer/Production Assistant
Yoko Okunishi, Assistant Reference Librarian
Norman Sugimoto, Staff Photographer
Kathleen Takata, Executive Assistant to the President
Willie Yee, Production Assistant

Participating Board Members
George Takei, Ernest Y. Doizaki, Frank L. Ellsworth, Ph.D., Rena M. Haviland, Bruce T. Kaji, Henry Y. Ota, Esq.

Self-Help Graphics & Art
Tom·s Benitez, Executive Director
Christina Ochoa, Gallery Director

Reggie Coleman, Digital Arts Network Coordinator
Azucena Maldonado, Arts Program Coordinator
Shizu Saldamando, Former Program Assistant
Shervin Shahbazi, Store Manager

Michael Amescua, Robin Baltic, Dr. Gilberto Cardenas, John Kotick, Julio Martinez, Oralía Michel, Charles Miller, Olivia Montes, Ginger Varney

Special thanks to:

Kinshasha Holman Conwill, Contributing Writer
Charlotte Hildebrand, Contributing Editor

Media piece
Michael Cho, Consultant
Justin Lin, Consultant
John Oh, Consultant

Web site (www.janm.org/ffs):
Anne Murphy, Consultant

Dennis Arguelles; June Berk; Dorothy Cheng; Estella Chung; Joyce Dallal; Shari Davis, Creative Ways; Robyn Gilmore; Nahan Gluck; Jamesina E. Henderson; Karin Higa; Flora Ito; Aaron Jue; Sally Jue; Tami Kaneshiro; Akemi Kikumura-Yano; Sojin Kim; Norman Klein; Kaleigh Komatsu; Carol Komatsuka; John Latsko and Manual Arts High School; Audrey Lee-Sung; Bob Moriguchi; Rick Moss; Gina Nieto; Rick Noguchi; Nobuyuki Okada; Aaron Paley; Cris Paschild; Dr. Roger Quadhamer; Judaea Radcliffe and the Angelus Plaza College Preparatory High School; Susan Redfield; Marjorie Reese; John Riddle (in memoriam); Sharon Ruebsteck; Kory Smith; Joe Smoke; Margaret Sosa; Ronald Stroud; Judith Teitelman; Alice Tzeng; Nancy Walsh and Cynthia Wornham

Follow these links to learn more about how this exhibition came into being:
2003 Exhibition Main Page
Curatorial Essay
Project Mission
About the participating organizations

An Arts Partnership Project of the Japanese American National Museum

The finding family stories Project was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, California Arts Council, Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, Weingart Foundation, and Japanese American National Museum Members and Donors.

What is FFS? Project History 2003 Exhibition Gallery of Past Exhibits FFS in the Classroom