Home: Reflections on Family and Community

Where is Home? Who is Family? What does the word Community mean to you? The narrators in the video before you are residents of Los Angeles a city rich in culture and diversity. Come close and listen to the stories each one shares, and see how their different family and community experiences have shaped their individual identities and perceptions about Home.

Participating in this year's Finding Family Stories project was an invaluable growth experience for each of us. As interns, we received training in Oral History and Videography, which equipped us with the practical skills needed to create a video documentary. As we interacted with the three narrators, we were touched by each of their lives and intrigued by the stories they told. The experiences they shared forced each of us to reflect upon our own personal lives and challenge the perceptions of Home, Family, and Community we previously maintained. Additionally, we were exposed to the different ethnic communities of Los Angeles, were provided with the opportunity to work in partnership with the three participating arts and cultural institutions, and built meaningful relationships with one another. Finding Family Stories has afforded us personal enrichment and the empowerment needed to impact the community around us.

Home: Reflections on Family and Community is the final product of our five-month internship, a piece that actively demonstrates the importance of community partnership and the rewards of working in a unified spirit.

Oscar Madrigal
The Watts Towers Arts Center
Victoria Valencia
Plaza de la Raza
Karen Yonemoto
Japanese American National Museum

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