3-D Stories - Pop Up Books
Classroom Activity

The objective of this project is to introduce students to Artist's Books and help them explore their creativity through the creation of their own 3-D story books about their own lives.
3 to adult
One class period for the structure
One class period for the content
Materials Procedure
  1. Binding is folded in an accordian manner to create 4 pointed mountains and 4 valleys. This binding holds the 4 pages.
  2. Each page is folded in 1/2 the short way 4 1/4 X 1/2. Students draw an "X" on both outsides surfaces of the folded page. The spine of each page is inserted into a valley of the binding.
  3. One at a time, a white folded page is removed from the binding and a pop-up is cut on the spine or fold of the paper.
  4. After each pop-up page is completed it is reinserted into the binding. Once all the pages are completed, the pages are ready to glue together.
  5. With the book assembled, the binding is glued to the back of page 1. Page 1 is opened to reveal the first pop-up. The next page is turned to reveal two pages that have an "X". These two pages are glued together and are no longer revealed in the book. The next page turned reveals a pop-up and "is not" glued together. The next page is turned to reveal two "X's". These pages are glued together. The student proceeds until they reach the back edge of the binding.
  6. The book is glued into the box or the two cardboard covers are glued on both ends of the book.
  7. Students can then adorn the book with stories and pictures. Pictures can be glued onto the pop-ups and tell the story.
1996, Copyright of Rosalie Ortega

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