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Japanese American
National Museum

California African
American Museum

Chinese American

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Korean American

Plaza de la Raza

Watts Towers
Arts Center

Santa Barbara Museum
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Skirball Museum

Collaborations like Finding Family Stories are interesting, fun, and provocative, and require flexibility, respect, and mutual understanding. This project would not have been possible without the generous contributions of time, energy, and enthusiasm on the part of many people who deserve our sincerest thanks.

Japanese American National Museum
Akemi Kikumura Yano, Ph.D., Curatorial Consultant; Myn Min Kim, Marketing Manager; Chris Komai, Public Information Manager; Audrey Lee-Sung, Membership Manager; Brian Niiya, Collections Manager; Flora Ito, Education Coordinator; Mika Tanner, Communications and Public Relations Manager; Nancy Araki, Director of Community Affairs; Laura Inouye, Volunteer; Cheryl Kaino, Development Manager; Tom Kurai, Public Programs Coordinator; Irene Kurose, Store Manager; Grace Murakami, Registrar; Diane Ohkawahira, Executive Administrator; Sylvia Sanchez, Preparator; Norman Sugimoto, Photographer; Eileen Takeichi, Visitor Services Supervisor; Christina Tatsugawa, Membership Coordinator; George Hirota, Volunteer; Bob Uragami, Volunteer

Plaza de la Raza
Rose Marie Cano, Executive Director; Rebecca Nevarez, Grantwriter; Aida Salazar, School Coordinator; Mark Salazar, Preparator; Guillermo Avalos, Office Assistant

The Watts Towers Arts Center
Mark Greenfield, Director; Sheila Batiste, Education Coordinator; Mauricio Vallejo, Gallery Attendant

Korean American Museum
Myung Lee, Executive Director; Sarah Lee, Curator; Soo Young Chin, Ph.D., Chair of the Associate Council; Jan Jung, Exhibit Designer; Jung Jae Lee, Fabricator

"Home: Reflections on Family and Community" Video Documentary Project Team
Ben Caldwell, Director, KAOS Network; Darcie Iki, Life History Coordinator, Japanese American National Museum; Professor Robert A. Nakamura, Media Consultant; Interns: Oscar Madrigal, Virginia Valencia, and Karen Yonemoto; and interviewees: Roland Colem an, Miguel Delgado, and Yoshiko Sakurai

Luis Alfaro, Tomas Benitez, Kristine M. Kim, and Leonard Simon, writers; Charlotte Hildebrand, editor

Finding Family Stories Arts Advisory Council
Glenna Avila, Tomas Benitez, Roland Charles, Carla Fantozzi, Guillermo Hernandez, Selma Holo, Ph.D., Betty Lee, Elliot Pinckney, and Linda Vallejo

Special thanks to:
The artists: Judy Chan, Heeyeon Chang, Michael Cho, Charles Dickson, Yolanda Gonzalez, Glenn Kaino, Soon Jin Kim, Karen Kimura, Yong Soon Min, Kori Newkirk, Linda Nishio, Miguel Angel Reyes, Julie Sim-Edwards and David Alan Yamamoto; Bob Kitzmiller, Museum of Contemporary Art; John M. Orders, Managing Program Officer and Dan S. Miller, Program Associate, The James Irvine Foundation; and the Nathan Cummings Foundation

An Arts Partnership Project of the Japanese American National Museum

This project is made possible in part by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles County Arts Commission

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