Mrs. Tamae Hoshida 39-4-E Jerome R.C. Denson, Arkanasas

Feb. 18, 1943

My dearest wife:

Received your letter of Jan. 31st and was glad to know that you are all healthy. I also received the new picture of the center too. Toshiko and Mrs. Odata and others came to see us on the 15th. I met Toshiko twice and Mrs. Odata once and heard all about you. It relieved me very much for I can pretty well imagine the conditions at your place. I believe it's hard work to take care of the 3 small kids and do all the work, but I believe it won't be long, so try your best and keep it up. I received June's and Sandra and baby's Valentine cards and also what you sent me. It will help a lot. I see June can write long hand now. Tell her daddy was proud and happy to know that she's learning fast. Guess I'll be surprised to see them grown up, for it's more than a year now since I met you last. I sure would like to see the baby. Mrs. Odata says that she looks like me. I got the shoes and slippers you sent me from Hawaii. Mailed you about half a dozen letters which I believe reached Hawaii after you left. Glad to know that Saturo visited you. Toshiko saw me this morning and left on this afternoon train. You'll be hearing about me from him. Keep healthy until we meet again.

Love, George