FREE Audio Cell Phone Tour

Available at no cost except the use of your cell minutes. The Living Flowers: Ikebana and Contemporary Art Cell Phone Audio Tour Guide will be accessible through September 7, 2008.

It’s easy to use:

  1. Dial 213.455.2924
  2. Follow the prompts
  3. Use the prompt list below to access special information and commentary

Prompt List

Prompt 100: Exhibition Introduction

Prompt 101: What is ikebana?

Prompt 1: What is a tokonoma?

Prompt 2: Robert Mapplethorpe

Prompt 3: Anya Gallaccio

Prompt 4: Architects Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena

Prompt 7: Judy Fiskin

Prompt 11: Isamu Noguchi

Prompt 12: Sharon Lockhart

Prompt 13: Yukio Nakagawa

Prompt 14: What are the schools of ikebana?

Prompt 15: Anna Sew Hoy

Prompt 16: B. Wurtz

Prompt 17: Monique van Genderen