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In addition to these programs, all of the Yonemotos' videos and films are available in VHS format for individual screening at the National Resource Center on the ground floor of the Pavilion. For more information, please call the National Resource Center at 213-625-0414.

Program 1
MADE IN HOLLYWOOD 1990, 58 minutes
Made in Hollywood. New York artists Matt and Mary are seduced by Hollywood's promise of big money and huge audiences; the Silver family is a Hollywood dynasty in crisis as they deal with the postmodern world of appropriation and corporate marketing; and Tammy is a backwoods innocent with natural wisdom and a trusting heart ready to be broken-when all these characters collide it is Tammy who leads them and the story to a surprising resolution.
Total running time: 58 min.

Program 2
VAULT 1984, 10 minutes
Green Card: An American Romance. A green-card marriage of convenience seems to solve the problems of a female artist attempting to stay in the U.S. in order to avoid rigid expectations of her in Japan; however, she forgets that it is a "fantasy" marriage and finds herself trapped in the equally rigid codes of the Hollywood myth of romance. Vault. A Hollywood movie condensed into ten minutes of cascading images, both commercial and Freudian-based.
Total running time: 87 min.

Program 3
AN IMPOTENT METAPHOR 1979, 55 minutes
LOVE LINES 1979, 1 minute
An Impotent Metaphor. Art and romance, life and death in the stark landscape of a love affair on life support: an artist reaches the end of the road of his fantasies and utopian visions. Love Lines. A dialectic of love and romance played out in sixty seconds.
Total running time: 56 minutes.

Program 4
SPALDING GRAY'S MAP OF L.A. 1984, 26 minutes
BLINKY 1986 (in collaboration with Jeffery Vallance), 15 minutes
Spalding Gray's Map of L.A. Raconteur extraordinaire Spalding Gray travels the freeways of L.A. and maps our country's (and his) ongoing relationship with the automobile. Blinky. Pet or poultry? In 1979 artist Jeffrey Vallance bought a roasting chicken at a supermarket; he named it Blinky and gave him a proper burial at the L.A. Pet Cemetery. Ten years later he exhumes Blinky to determine cause of death; the video follows the process to its heavenly end.
Total running time: 41 minutes.

Program 5
KAPPA 1986 (In collaboration with Mike Kelly), 25 Minutes
JAPAN IN PARIS IN L.A. 1997, 30 minutes
AHISTORY 1992, 1 minute
Kappa. Artist Mike Kelley is the Kappa, the malevolent Shinto god of fresh water. The tape playfully inserts the Kappa into the Oedipus myth (at the foundation of Freudian theory) played out in postmodern L.A. Japan in Paris in L.A. The tragic story of Saeki Yuzo-often called the "van Gogh of Japan"-as he struggles for acceptance as a modernist painter in 1920s Paris. Ahistory. American-style capitalism is exported to Europe, and its barren secret is exposed.
Total running time: 56 min.

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