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Ruth Okimoto

Ruth Okimoto worked for Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco in the Human Resources department for thirteen years. Her responsibilities included corporate recruiter, central education coordinator, employee relations, communications manager, training, compensation, job evaluation, and career development counseling. She also worked as Director of Admissions at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California.Okimoto received her B.A. from Mills College. In 1991, Okimoto took early retirement from Wells Fargo Bank and attended graduate school at the California School for Professional Psychology (CSPP), receiving a M.A. and PhD Since graduating from CSPP and after a brief period as an organizational consultant, Ruth has focused on researching, writing, and making presentations about the Poston Internment Camps built on the Colorado River Indian Reservation during World War II. In 2000, Ruth received a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP) to research “Sharing a Desert Home,” published by Heyday Books as a special report of the News from Native California. She currently is serving as a liaison for the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) to the Japanese American community of former Poston internees to preserve and restore what remains of a few internee-constructed buildings on the Poston Camp I site.

Speaker Events

Saturday, July 5

Sharing a Historic Space: African Americans, Native Americans, and Nikkei
Sara Begay
Martha Nakagawa, Journalist
Ruth Okimoto
Greg Robinson, Associate Professor of History, Université du Québec À Montréal
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
Location: Mineral Hall B & C, 3rd Floor
Topic: Defining, Preserving and Expanding the Community