Investigating the Japanese American Experience

Investigating the Japanese American Experience: Students Use Lessons of Inquiry and Understanding in Reading, Writing, and Analytical Activities to Explore the Japanese American Experience

Author: Lynn Galvin

Suggested Grade Level(s): 8 / Adaptable 7–12

Suggested Subject Area(s): Social Studies / English

Number of Class Periods Required: 10 class periods (50 minutes/period)

Essential Question: What are the responsibilities that every American must follow in order to protect the rights of other Americans?

Teacher Overview:
The unit is aimed so that the teacher may select lessons singly, or combine a few, in the interests of time.

Reading and writing exercises are used throughout the lessons and are designed to involve the reader. Most of the lessons deal with actual historical experiences, although the activity “How Racial Discrimination Feels” is designed to help students understand that discrimination is unearned and unfair. If that activity is used, the teacher should budget time afterwards to discuss how class members felt during the exercise so they can be debriefed. It can be an emotional experience.

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