Governor Ralph L. Carr

Governor Ralph L. Carr: One Voice Against the Tyranny of the Majority

Author: Judy Kurtz

Suggested Grade Level(s): Secondary

Suggested Subject Area(s): U.S. History; Integrated U.S. History and Language Arts courses, Government and Civics; Advanced Placement U.S. History or Government; Advanced Placement English Language and Composition

Number of Class Periods Required: 6 to 11 class periods (50 minutes per period)

Overarching Understanding: Building and preserving American democracy demands attention to the threats to individuals and minority groups created by the so-called tyranny of the majority.

Essential Question(s):

  • How do societies striving for equality come to terms with the tension between the good of the one and the good of the many?
  • How is the balance between the one and the many influenced by visual language?

Teacher Overview:
This unit is intended to provide a deeper examination of the philosophies underpinning American democracy; help her/him explore the dangers inherent in the form; and encourage the development of a personal philosophy as a citizen in a democracy regarding responsibility toward minority populations whether identified by ideology, age, gender, or race. Depending on the curriculum of the implementing school, this unit might stand alone in an American History syllabus or be embedded in any humanities course.

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