Enduring Voices

Author: Cynthia Stout

Suggested Grade Level(s): Secondary

Suggested Subject Area(s): History, English Language Arts; especially recommended for National History Day projects

Number of Class Periods Required: 6 class periods

Essential Question(s):
How does preparing for, conducting, and processing oral histories contribute to the interviewer’s understanding of history, specifically the World War II experiences of Japanese Americans incarcerated at Amache, Colorado?

Teacher Overview:
Students will learn a process for doing oral history from start to finish. In the course of their learning it is hoped that they will find excitement in its possibilities and the stories individuals have to tell. In addition to the process, students will analyze a collection of primary and secondary source documents and from this will begin learning about the World War II experiences of Japanese American citizens in Amache, Colorado. Combining the content and the skills allows students to begin learning history by doing oral history. Considering the advancing ages of those still living who were incarcerated at Amache, students involved in this project will have a unique opportunity to provide a valuable perspective to what is known about this experience and can upload their completed oral histories to the Japanese American National Museum’s Discover Nikkei Web site: DiscoverNikkei.org/nikkeialbum/.

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Resources and References