“It is important to preserve this history, because soon it is going to be gone…by learning about our past, we can better our future.”
Aaron Campbell, Central High School Student
Little Rock, Arkansas

Sharing our stories for a better tomorrow…

The Enduring Communities project places the Japanese American National Museum on the forefront in educational initiatives by helping our youth embrace the ethnic and cultural diversities within their communities, understand the lessons from our past, and become active participants in the shaping of a more democratic society. Working in close collaboration with our anchor institutions from each of the five project states—Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah—the National Museum will develop the innovative resources and curricula needed to educate all Americans about the importance of diversity, civil liberties, and social justice.

With this project and other National Museum initiatives, we will enable educators and students become more informed, enlightened and more connected for the betterment of their own diverse communities. We welcome your participation to help us get closer to meeting our goal to bring the story of the Japanese Americans to all classrooms across the nation.

Case for Support

Since our incorporation in 1985, the Japanese American National Museum has been committed to promote understanding and appreciation of American’s ethnic and cultural diversity by preserving the story of the Japanese American experience. Today, we are more than ever dedicated to this mission. As a private, nonprofit institution, the National Museum must rely on the generous contributions from its members, individual donors, and supporters. Through such support, the National Museum can continue to present its dynamic, thought-provoking educational programs and major activities such as the Enduring Communities project year-round to local, national, and international audiences.

Help us reach our goal…

What does it cost to train 3,000 teachers to share the Japanese American experience with 455,000 students in five different states? It will require more than $2 million. To put this in perspective: It takes $233,530 to raise one child born in 2000 to age 18*; it will cost $4.40 to educate one student in the Enduring Communities project. Your gift will ensure that this project will continue the National Museum’s tradition of excellence for our children, our communities and for future generations to come. For more information on how you can make a contribution or to learn about other donor opportunities, contact Florence Ochi at 213.830.5652. Click here to become a National Museum member. Donations can also be made online through the National Museum's Store Web site. Please type in 'Support for Enduring Communities' in the comments section of the online order form. Make your contribution online today!

* Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture; represents cost to raise a child born in 2000 through age 18 (with adjustment for inflation).