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Naomi Hoki Moniz is Director of Portuguese Studies at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. She obtained her Ph. D from Harvard University in 1979, where she studied nineteenth - and twentieth - century Portuguese and Brazilian literature. She also studied at University of Paris, France and Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paulo, Brazil. Widely published in Portuguese and English, her book, The Voyages of Nélida, the Writer (1993), written in Portuguese, was awarded the “Best Books of 1993” by the Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte in Brazil in 1993. Currently, her research focuses on feminist literature in Portuguese, which is funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation.


Research Proposal Abstract
Tizuka Yamazaki:From Nationalism to Cultural Identity

I plan to carry out a critical analysis of race, gender, ethnicity and national identity in the films of the Japanese-Brazilian woman director Tizuka Yamazaki.
My study will focus on the representation of multicultural themes involving European, Afro-Brazilian and other immigrants in the tradition of the Brazilian feature film. In her work Yamazaki depicts the evolving negotiation of Brazilian national identity from the traditional “whitened” foundational races patriarchal model to: a) include immigrants; b) the political use of gender for the construction of state hegemony; c) the social movements – feminist, Black militants, students, workers; d) the transnational Brazilian-Japanese-“dekassegui”, guest-workers in Japan. Yamazaki’s cinematic narrative moves from a nationalistic left oriented multicultural workers’ utopia in Brazil to the tropical cultural identity in Japan.