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Steven Masami Ropp is a Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at University of California, Los Angeles, obtained his M.A from University of California, Los Angeles in 1996, and B.A. from Univeristy of California Berkeley in 1993. Mr. Ropp is currently working on his dissertation, “Constructing a Nikkei Peru: Japanese Ethnicity and the Peruvian State in the 1990's,” which explores the relationship between national identity and Japanese ethnicity in Peru. His most recent and forthcoming publication is “Multigenerational and Multiracial Chinese Peruvian Identity,” in Reconfiguring Race, Redefining Ethnicity: Multiraciality and Asian America, edited by Teresa Kay Williams and Cynthia Nakashima.


Research Proposal Abstract
The Local and the Global of being Nikkei in Peru and the United States: Cultural Citizenship and Bio-Politics in the Pacific Rim

I propose to carry out a comparative qualitative analysis of the dynamics of race, gender, and culture in the composition and representation of Nikkei identity and community. The bio-politics of constituting community and the discourses of representing that collectivity will be analyzed in Peru and the United States along with some general discussion of Nikkei in Latin America. Utilizing previous and on-going anthropological fieldwork, the contours of Nikkei identity and community will be explored in this manner as a means of placing local and regional phenomenon into the larger contexts of nationalism and cultural citizenship and the dynamics of Pacific Rim geo-politics.