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To increase and share the knowledge of Nikkei cultures and societies in order to foster greater linkages and cross-cultural understanding between the United States, Japan, and other nations with a Nikkei population. Nikkei (nik'kei') noun, adj.
Persons of Japanese descent, and descendants, who have immigrated abroad and created unique communities and lifestyles within the context of the societies in which they live. Nikkei include those who have returned to Japan where they constitute separate identities from the Japanese population.

Project Description
An overview of the International Nikkei Research Project: scope, goals, timeframe, and funding sources.

Participating Scholars
Profiles of participating scholars and abstracts of their research proposals.
International Nikkei Resource Guide
Demographic information and chronologies on countries with significant Nikkei populations, a chronological overview of emigration from Japan, and directories of resources about Nikkei.

Institutional Participants
Introduction of 17 institutional participants from 10 countries.
International Nikkei Symposium
Brief report regarding the event held in June 1999 at Los Angeles, California.

Project Staff and Advisors
Profiles of International Nikkei Research Project staff and advisors and their duties.


Major research findings of the INRP was released in two publications.

New Worlds, New Lives: Globalization and People of Japanese Descent in the Americas and from Latin America in Japan is an anthology with 21 original chapters, written by the INRP research participants. This exciting and innovative collection of works explores the themes of Nikkei community formations, the evolution of Nikkei identities, and the impact of transnational and global ties on contemporary Nikkei populations.

Encyclopedia of Japanese Descendants in the Americas: An Illustrated History of Nikkei is a pioneering reference book on Nikkei populations in the Americas. Materials in this volume were written collaboratively with scholars and institutions situated in Japan, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and the USA. Materials include: historical overviews; bibliographic essays with recommended reading lists; demographic data, maps, and historical photographs.

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