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Honoring Senator Mazie K. Hirono and Aiko Herzig Yoshinaga
Saturday, April 21
Democracy thrives only when individuals take it upon themselves to fight for it. Our 2018 Gala Dinner will celebrate individuals who have gone above and beyond what most average citizens do to ensure that the United States lives up to its promise.

Saturday, March 31
This documentary film tells the compelling story of Kazuo Yamane who was drafted into the US Army just before the Pearl Harbor attack. With his strong Japanese language skills, he was plucked from the infantry ranks to serve first at the Pentagon, then at a secret facility in northern Maryland, and finally under Eisenhower in Europe. Most importantly, he would identify a secret document that would significantly help America’s war in the Pacific.

Saturday, March 31
Identify your ancestral Japanese hometowns, uncover the meanings behind family crests and surnames, and more in this popular genealogy workshop.

Saturday, March 31
Relive history and learn about present-day Little Tokyo with JANM docents. Upcoming tour: April 28.

Saturday, April 7
Celebrate the opening day of with live performances, art activities, a panel discussion, and a catalog signing.

Learn about America’s Concentration Camps through photo, letters, artwork, oral histories, and moving images from JANM’s permanent collection in this new online resource organized by themes to help students and educators across the nation learn about the incarceration of people of Japanese ancestry during WWII.

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An overview of Japanese American history from early immigration to the present day. Incorporates artifacts, artwork, and media—including rare home movies and a section of the barracks from the Heart Mountain concentration camp.

Art and artifacts from the Allen Hendershott Eaton Collection have been conserved and are on display in the Hirasaki National Resource Center. Check link for hours.

In, artist Kip Fulbeck pairs photographs and statements from his groundbreaking 2006 exhibition, kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa, with contemporary portraits of the same individuals and newly written statements, showing not only their physical changes in the ensuing years, but also changes in their perspectives and outlooks on the world.


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