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Thursday, July 30
JANM presents a new series of summer evening concerts featuring Asian American performers, food trucks, and beer garden.

Featured Artists:

Saturday, August 1
Screening of the short film based on the life of pioneering Issei legal activist Sei Fuji, followed by a talk with John G. Tomlinson, retired Associate Dean of the USC Gould School of Law, and Superior Court Judge Bruce G. Iwasaki.

Saturday, August 8
A panel discussion focusing on the role of the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in the rebuilding of Japan after World War II

Saturday, August 15
Join us for our annual summer celebration featuring Japanese and Japanese American performances, crafts, and activities—including TAIKOPROJECT, Minyo Station, and Random Ninjas.

Saturday, August 15
Learn about the unique forging process and special properties of the Japanese samurai sword and see how the distinctive armor of the warrior class functioned not only as protection, but as a reflection of the wearer’s personality.

Thursday, August 27
JANM presents a new series of summer evening concerts featuring Asian American performers, food trucks, and beer garden.

Featured Artists:

Share your favorite Nikkei family stories on JANM’s Discover Nikkei site—legends and contemporary tales, ways in which your family has influenced who you are, and stories that allow us to understand your perspectives on what family is…and can be. Submission deadline: September 30.

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Paintings by Laura Kina and photographs by Emily Hanako Momohara explore the artists’ mixed-heritage roots in Okinawa and Hawai‘i, employing unique strategies that blend fiction and reality to question the stability of memory and identity.

Susumu “Sus” Ito’s WWII photographs were taken while on a tour of duty through Europe as a member of the 442nd RCT’s 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. While Ito participated in such dramatic events as the rescue of the Lost Battalion, these rare and breathtaking images capture in humble detail the daily lives of a group of young Japanese American soldiers.

An overview of Japanese American history from early immigration to the present day. Incorporates artifacts, artwork, and media—including rare home movies and a section of the barracks from the Heart Mountain concentration camp

A look at the weaponry and armor of the samurai that examines ways this facet of Japanese culture has been preserved, embraced, and shared in America.

This groundbreaking photographic exhibition by Kip Fulbeck and Takahiro Kitamura, exploring the artistry of traditional Japanese tattoos, travels to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA.

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