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Saturday, September 22
In the spirit of the Smithsonian Museums, which offer free admission every day, JANM is offering FREE admission all day as part of the annual Museum Day event.

Saturday, September 29
Julio Mizzumi Guerrero Kojima and Belen Torres Morales are Nikkei musicians from Veracruz with expertise in Fandango, a tradition rooted in community convening and participation. They also are part of an environmental/community gardening project called Jardin Kojima.

Saturday, September 29
Learn from JANM’s resident origami expert Ruthie Kitagawa how to make a card adorned with cheerful origami flowers.

Saturday–Sunday, September 29–30
In this two-day workshop led by Glennis Dolce, continue practicing itajime, arashi, nui, and other shibori dyeing techniques on a broad selection of fabrics, and learn about dyeing threads for stitching.

Saturday, September 29
Relive history and learn about present-day Little Tokyo with JANM docents. Upcoming tours: October 27, November 24

Sunday, October 7
Vendors will be on hand with unique jewelry, kimono fabric fashions, cultural t-shirts, handbags, ceramics, origami, bronze and glass art, Giant Robot products, and more!

Thursday, October 25
FREE! JANM presents the granddaddy of all monster movies, the original Japanese Godzilla (a.k.a. Gojira)! Don’t miss this opportunity to see the rampaging radioactive beast destroy an intricately detailed miniature of Tokyo as it was meant to be seen—on the big screen!

The new Museum Store Gift Catalog is here! Start your holiday shopping early and check out the selection of unique cultural gifts, books, and DVDs. 10% members discount!

How do you connect with your cultural roots? Share your story with a global audience. DEADLINE: September 30. Click icon for submission guidelines.

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In, artist Kip Fulbeck pairs photographs and statements from his groundbreaking 2006 exhibition, kip fulbeck: part asian, 100% hapa, with contemporary portraits of the same individuals and newly written statements, showing not only their physical changes in the ensuing years, but also changes in their perspectives and outlooks on the world.

Take a journey through the world of Japanese soft vinyl kaiju (monster) and hero toys, courtesy of toy designer Mark Nagata’s unrivaled collection of vintage figurines.

An overview of Japanese American history from early immigration to the present day. Incorporates artifacts, artwork, and media—including rare home movies and a section of the barracks from the Heart Mountain concentration camp.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, the final section of Common Ground has been reimagined to further emphasize the redress movement, the landmark passage of the Act, and its relevance today. Select pages of the original Civil Liberties Act document will be on display through September 23, 2018, on loan from the National Archives.

Art and artifacts from the Allen Hendershott Eaton Collection are traveling to sites across the United States.

Upcoming venues: J-Sei (September 29 – October 7), Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (November 1–4), and NVC Hall (November 24–25).


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