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Bombing of relatives homeland, 1945

Sugimoto, Henry [ bio ]

Bombing of relatives homeland, 1945
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H: 51.5 in, W: 38.5 in, Frame: 53 x 40 in

New York, N.Y., ca. 1965


Gift of Madeleine Sugimoto and Naomi Tagawa, Japanese American National Museum


Stretched and unframed.

People in camp react to a flyer about the U.S. dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. In foreground, man in blue short-sleeve shirt and black cap with his hand on his head, reads, "Rohwer Camp Bulletin, U.S. dropped Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima." In left foreground two men in tan hats discuss bombing. Man in blue overalls, holding shovel in right hand and holding pipe to mouth with left hand listens to other man dressed in tan shirt and brown pants holding a paper in right hand and pointing with left to right background where a vision of an Atomic bomb mushroom cloud rises as a small plane flies away. In the midground three women with a child discuss the paper next to a garden where a man hoes. Behind them, two men discuss the bombing as a woman and child pass by and a woman hangs laundry in front of the barracks. In the background an American flag flies in front of a mess hall. A watchtower with a soldier on duty is visible in the distance.

Bombing of Relatives Homeland, 1945/Oil on canvas, 51.5" x 38.5"/Madeleine Sugimoto and Naomi Tagawa Collection, Japanese American National Museum

Signed in medium: H. Sugimoto, Rohwer Camp, Ark.

The date 1945 written on the canvas indicates the year of the activity, not the year it was painted. From Sugimoto's writing we know he was already in New York City at the time of the actual bombing; in addition, the work stylistically more closely resembles later works. Thus, the work is given the circa date 1965.

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