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[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino and Florence Ishino, Poston, Arizona, May 10, 1943]

Ishino, Florence [ bio ]
Ishino, Margaret [ bio ]

[Letters to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino and Florence Ishino, Poston, Arizona, May 10, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., May 10, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


2 letters and envelope from Margaret Ishino and Florence Ishino to Clara Breed.

May 10, 1943 / Dear Miss Breed, / Thank you kindly for your letter. I always look forward to them. / Louise gave Florence the beautiful doll you sent her and she is very happy about it. I am enclosing her letter. / I am very glad you made a blouse out of the material and that you like it. I would certainly like to see it very much. / Tonight at 6:00 the first group of volunteers left Poston. They are heading for Salt Lake City and given a weeks' furlough to visit California or wherever they wish. After the furlough they will go to Mississippi. Soon they will be leaving and Poston will be a lonely camp. / I noticed in the Poston Chronicle the population has decreased over a thousand in the last 2 weeks. / Last Sunday the seniors took individual pictures for our annual and we are anxious to see how they turned out. Taking individual pictures is a rare opportunity and we all jumped at the opportunity. / I heard from Miss Fay a few days ago and she tells me you might come to Poston to see us. She also tells me you are doing the work of two persons. Please take good care of yourself and God Bless You. / Sincerely yours, / Margaret Ishino / May 10, 1943

May 10, 1943 / Dear Miss Breed / I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely doll. / Thomas is 15 months and is growing very big. / Sincerely / Florence.

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