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[Letter to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino, Arcadia, California, June 16, 1942]

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[Letter to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino, Arcadia, California, June 16, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., June 16, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Margaret Ishino to Clara Breed, and a drawing by Florence Ishino for Clara Breed, and envelope.

June 16, 1942 / Dear Miss Breed, / Thank you very much for your lovely card. / Words cannot express my gratitude for the trouble you went through to get the books I want. / I was thinking of you today, when I went to our library here at the center. It has improved a great deal. There are now shelves provided for adult books, for the intermediate age, and books for children of Florence's age. There are still many magazines as before. I wish you could see our library. For such a small space it occupies, it is well organized. / Do you go to the library convention annually? It must be an interesting experience, even though it keeps you so busy. / If we may have cameras I will be more than glad to snap a picture of Thomas for you. In about a week and a half he will be 5 months old. He certainly is growing chubbier every day. / Here is another picture Florence drew of a houseboat. She sends it to you with her regards. / Incidentally we moved to another part of the center. Our address is: / District VII / Barrack 12, Unit 5, 8th Street / Santa Anita Assembly Center / Arcadia, California / Thank you again most graciously, and may you have a pleasant trip to the East.

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