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[Letter to Clara Breed from Louise Ogawa, Arcadia, California, June 24, 1942]

Ogawa, Louise [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Louise Ogawa, Arcadia, California, June 24, 1942]
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Arcadia, Calif., June 24, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Louise Ogawa to Clara Breed.

June 24, 1942 / Dear Miss Breed, / Thank you for your letter! I was hoping to hear from you. I did not realize how long it has been since I last wrote to you until I heard from you. Please forgive the delay. I hope you had a nice trip to Milwaukee! I could imagine what an honor it was for you to award the Newbery Medal. Congratulations! / Here in Santa Anita everything is just fine. The first pay day was on June 20th. My father, sister, and brother were paid for 1 weeks work. I am anxiously awaiting the day when I'll be paid. / We now have a self-governing body here. George Obashi, formerly of S. D. who operated the Ginza and the Obashi Family Beauty Salon, is our district representative. / Many nisei's are helping the Govt. by working on the camouflage. You have to be an American citizen in order to work on it. / Every week we have a sanitary inspection. Blankets and mattresses are all aired weekly. Those who have straw filled matresses are required to change the straw every two weeks. I think this is a splendid plan - sanitary inspections. / Monday, June 22, a beard-growing race began. They are given a week in which to grow their beard. Prizes are to be awarded for the bushiest beard, the scraggliest beard, and the best-trimmed beard. I imagine this contest will be fun and most enjoyable to watch. / Sunday, June 21 - Fathers Day - we had ice-cream and cake for desert. It was enjoyed by everyone. On Monday we had watermelon. Tonight we are going to have it again. I can hardly wait til tonight. It is so delicious. / We now have a Visitor's house. It opened for the first time today. Visiting hours have been lengthened from two to three hours--1 to 4 p.m. daily. The capacity of Visitor's house at any one time is approximately 150 persons. I hope you will be able to come and visit us very soon. / The Board of Education has made it possible for us to receive our credit for the present semester. Now I am a Senior B. I am grateful to the Board of Education for taking such interest in us. / I seem to ramble on and on without asking about you - Miss McNary - and San Diego. I would like to know how things are in San Diego. How are you Miss Breed? I hope you are in the best of health! And how is Miss McNary? Please give her my best. Oh yes, while thinking about you something just popped into my mind. I have been wanting to tell you about our library. It now has many books--fiction, non-fiction, and reference books. I enjoy going to the library very much but I would still rather go to the S. D. library. / I must go to work now so as much as I hate to I'll say good-bye until I hear from you again. / Most Sincerely, / Louise Ogawa / Ps. There are many rumors going on here and I would like to know if it is true or not. Are vegetables very high now? I heard carrots were 5 c. each. Also lettuce were 25 c. a head. It seems incredable but sacrificing the things we love will certainly help win this war to our favor--United States. / [pencil inscription] / corn 5 c. ea. / carrot 5 c. bnch / lettuce 10 c. head / tom 19 c.-15 c. lb /

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