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[Letter to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino, Poston, Arizona, September 28, 1942]

Ishino, Margaret [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Margaret Ishino, Poston, Arizona, September 28, 1942]
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H: 8 in, W: 5 in (sheet); H: 4 in, W: 7.5 in (envelope)

Poston, Ariz., September 28, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Margaret Ishino to Clara Breed.

September 28, 1942/Dear Miss Breed,/Thank you very kindly for your lovely letter and the two wonderful books you sent to Florence and me./ I think your stationery is truly nice because it matches and you can write longer letters to me as I am always happy to receive long letters./I do not know where the Indians moved but on the way mother saw a few on the bus as she came into Poston. Although I have not seen any here it certainly would be a thrill to me if I could actually see a true Indian or two./We are all patiently waiting for our winter clothing, but as yet they have not arrived./I can just picture San Diego as it now looks. I imagine the downtown's are not as crowded as before. Are you still riding theose old, old streetcars which give you the feeling that they will break down before they reach the next block?/Uncle Sam needs every bit of rubber etc. so I would not be at least surprised to hear that you are going from place to place on bicycles or skates./Yes, it is hard to have friends and relatives go and to know some are not coming back. but it truly pitiful to see these tiny Japanese children grow up without their fathers as many of them have been taken. I know the whole world is praying for everlasting peace and goodwill toward men./I am very disappointed that we do not have a library in Poston, but I hope they will have one soon. There is no library here as I said, but we have movies here every Saturday night beneath the Arizona stars. Last Saturday we saw "Abraham Lincoln" with Walter Houston. I enjoyed the picture very much as Abraham Lincoln is my favorite president and one of the greatest men that ever lived. I do not know how to say this after all the wonderful books you sent me, but I would be more than pleased to receive a book about Abraham Lincoln./How could Louise and I ever judge you harshly after all those happy hours you have given us through your books and letters? Truly words cannot be expressed how grateful we are to you./ Thomas was 8 months old on the 27th. We weighed and measured him yesterday. His weight was 22 lbs., and his height was 30 inches. He can turn over now and tries to stand at every opportunity he gets. I have a feeling he is going to walk and not crawl, but I may be wrong again for he can turn completely around by himself./Florence seems much happier here than Santa Anita for she has her little friends whom she played with in San Diego. Her friends are over our "apartment" or she is over theirs. Florence and I are anxiously waiting for school which is going to start on the 5th of October. If luck is with me I have a chance working part time as a typist and going to school. Of course I will be paid for that job then I will not have to trouble my folks for for the necessities when school begins./Just before we left Santa Anita I asked my girl friend to buy some things for me, but in the future I will trouble you for our errands./Florence was so happy she asked me to help her write a letter to you. I hope you can make it out for she has written it with a pencil./ Please give my best regards to Miss McNary./Sincerely,/Margaret Ishino


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