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[Letter to Clara Breed from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, June 28, 1943]

Ogawa, Louise [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Louise Ogawa, Poston, Arizona, June 28, 1943]
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Poston, Ariz., June 28, 1943


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Louise Ogawa to Clara Breed + senior week schedule

June 28, 1943/Dear Miss Breed,/Well, finally I made the grade for graduation day has come and gone. Commencement was held on June 26th, 9:30 P.M. at the newly built amphitheater. All the girls wore sheer, cotton pastel dresses while the boys wore white shirts, dark pants, and dark ties./I am enclosing a commencement exercise program. I thought may be you will enjoy seeing it. Also I am enclosing a copy of the activities we enjoyed during senior week./We were very disappointed in being forced to change the hours of the river party. Becuase of the Dies Committee we could not go to the river in the evening. But we had a wonderful time anyway./The senior assembly which was held June 22nd was a real success. I shall describe a few of the incidents that occurred. Our senior class president was given a blue, bably, bonnet to wear on his head. Then he had to drink milk right from a bably bottle with a nipple. They explained to him that since he is the youngest senior, age 15, they wanted him to act and be his age./Then another boy was called to the stage. This boy is always dressed very neatly and smartly. He was given a better set of clothes. He had to wear a shirt and pants made out of gunny-sack and parade around the assembly room./Then the student body president was called to the stage. He was asked which he liked better.--chocolate candy or a coke (coco-cola). He replied "coke" He happens to like a girl nicknamed "coke" So they brought out a bottle of coco-cola. (Everyone screamed with surprise and hunger at the sight of a bottle of coco-cola.) He had to get down on his knees and propose to the bottle of "coke. He said "Will you be mine?" Then Ben Honda, a San Diegan, M.C. replied "Yes, Coke will be yours" and gave him the "coke". How we all envied him!!/This is just a few of the incident that occurred at the assembly. Of course, this was all in fun. No one but the committee members knew who was going to be called and what he is to do./The seniors won the baseball game by one run./Every Friday night is movie night. We always have to take our own chairs. But last Friday night we were provided with reserved benches. The movie was "Hot Spot" or "You Wake Up Screaming" starring Victure Mature and Carol Landis and Betty Grable./Then came Graduation Day. After graduation, a party was held in our honor. I was in charge of the refreshments. It certainly was a headache but I enjoyed it. Oh there were many delicious things to eat--cake alamo, punch, cookies, doughnuts = food galore!!!! All the mess halls were very generous./The party began about 10:30 P.M. and ended about 1:00 A.M. I went to bed 2:30 A.M. the next morning. I awoke 6:30 Sunday morning, ate my breakfast, took a little nap, ate my lunch, and went to put the finishing touches to the clean-up./When we arrived all the boys were sprawled all over the tables "snoring". Their friends gave them a poke here and there until finally they got up off the table, looked around with their half opened eyes, then rolled on the floor and off they went to dreamland again. After being sprinkled with water one by one they awoke and began to work. Oh how tired and sleepy everyone was!!!!/Well finally our group pictures arrived. It is not too good but I am enclosing one. I hope you like it./I'll put my pen aside so I'll be able to hear from you and I hope it will be real soon./Most respectfully,/Louise Ogawa

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