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[Letter to Clara Breed from Jack Watanabe, Poston, Arizona, December 28, 1942]

Watanabe, Jack [ bio ]

[Letter to Clara Breed from Jack Watanabe, Poston, Arizona, December 28, 1942]
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Poston, Ariz., December 28, 1942


Gift of Elizabeth Y. Yamada


1 letter and envelope from Jack Watanabe to Clara Breed.

Dec. 28, 1942 / Dear Miss Breed, / Thank you for the Christmas presents, books, and letters you sent me. I go to School every day except Saturday and Sunday. I like School very much and we learn many interesting things. We see picture shows here every week. They have good movies such as Union Pacific, What a life with Henry Aldrich, etc. On Christmas Block manager gave all the little kids gifts. I got a airplane and a book. We fishing at a pond. We waited many hours and all we caught was just tow carps. Many people have gone to mountains to get petrified wood. Many people go to the rive to fish. On are Block a man caught 2 Wild Cats one died very quickly. But one is still a live. Nother man caught two foxs. They are still alive. The people say that there is going to be a zoo. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you will have a very Happy New year. I hope that I can come back to San Diego and see you again. / Sincerely yours, / Jack Watanabe

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